Running water in taps: Reason for Happiness

Posted: June 26, 2017

Our life took a very big turn after the earthquake. We had to struggle a lot for water. We not only got into rows but also we got into physical fights many time; for water.” Uma Devi Neupane


Uma Devi Neupane, a member of Kajigaun Water User Committee, is a single women who lives with her son at Kajigaun, Chaimale ,Dakxhinkali. Water is precious for the community people of Kajigaun and she has taken the responsibility to distribute the water in her community.

The worst natural disaster: April 2015 Nepal Earthquake also known as the Gorkha Earthquake, had killed lots of human life and did lots of destruction in Nepal. Likewise, the ecstasy of community people of Kajigaun was also ceased by the same earthquake.

Months passed, the aftershocks of the earthquake ended but the effects of the earthquake made their life harder. Many people had already started living normal lives again but it was not the same with the case of the people in Kajigaun. What actually happened was, after the earthquake, the water source which they were using dried up.  The tap in the picture is the same tap which was dry for almost a year. The reason behind this was termination in the flow of spring water.

After this, they found a solution; they started bringing water from ward number 7; the water which was being used for irrigation. The people of Kajigaun had 3 months contract for using water. They had to walk very far to fetch water. Neupane said, “Something is better than nothing. Even though it was difficult for us to carry buckets and buckets of water from that distance, we had no other option. We had to live!”


Another problem started when the contract period was over; the people of ward 7 refused to give water to them. The Water User Committee was formed; she is also the member of the Users Committee. Before, the water was pumped through submersible pump from another source which is half an hour downward from the village which was possible only when the electricity was available. People used to get to fill the water for only 5 minutes only when the electricity was available. CIUD with the support of Oxfam provided 4 tanks, HDPE pipes and fittings to the user committee which helped them store water nearby. One tank lies close to her house so she has taken the responsibility to lock and open the tap. 8 households are benefitted by the single tank and each day each house gets around 15 minutes to fill their buckets even without the availability of the electricity. They even collect monthly tariff so that it can be used for the operation and maintenance of the scheme.

“Water is running in our taps again which has saved our time and effort. Before, we had to walk nearly 20 minutes to bring water.” Uma Devi




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